Application form for accommodation at Lucia Foster Welch

Complete the application below to submit an application to re-book your room or register your interest for a room at Lucia Foster Welch in 2020/21. 

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Our standard 2020/21 contracts are for 44 weeks. However, we are happy to accommodate extensions (additional nights or weeks) for early arrivals or longer courses on the official departure date on your contract, where possible.

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Please let us know what dates (outside our standard contracts) you would require (i.e.: early arrival, extra two weeks after our 44 week contract departure date, etc.)


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*Mixed Sex Areas have mixed gender shower and WC facilities. Please note that we will try to accommodate your requests but this is not always possible.


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About your residence status

Please note that you are responsible for making sure that you have all the necessary documents to prove that you can rent in the UK. We will ask for these documents on arrival and reserves the right to withdraw your offer, if you fail to show sufficient proof. For more information go to:

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I confirm that the information given on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge, and that no relevant information has been withheld. If I am found to have withheld information now or in the future relating to my application for accommodation, Optivo reserves the right to withdraw any offer made or may request that you vacate the accommodation. I understand that the information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and according to Optivo's Privacy Notice.