Book before 31 March and save up £250


23 January 2023

Book your accommodation before 31 March 2023 and you'll save up to £250* across your contract! This offer is now closed

If you're looking for your next home, you can book with Optivo Students! You'll get great locations, great prices, great service and save yourself up £250* if you complete your booking before 31 March 2023*.

Book with confidence!

Don't forget, all 40 and 50 week academic bookings for 2023/24 will be backed by our comprehensive cancellation policy. This covers you if:

  • you lose your university place
  • you can't get a visa


You can book a 50 week contract at:

Goldsmiths House from £215 per week
Helen Graham House from £183 per week (only standard rate now available)
Park House from £195 per week (applications closed)
Wood Green Hall from £155 per week (excluding premium single rooms)

You can book a 40 week contract at:

Goldsmiths House from £225 per week (only 50 week contracts available)
Helen Graham House from £193 per week (only 50 week contracts available)
Park House from £201 per week (applications closed)
Wood Green Hall from £170 per week

To book your room, all you need to do is submit an online application.

Make a booking

*Terms and conditions apply
**Compared to the standard rate being offered in 2023/24. Special rates excluded.
***Subject to availability

Early Bird booker 2023/24 Terms and Conditions

This promotion is managed and operated by Optivo Students and applies to 2023/24 academic applications only.

  1. Definitions
    1. ‘Academic Stay’ means a student booking for the 2023/24 academic year.
    2. ‘Account number’ means the number assigned to you by the Optivo Students booking portal, also known as an entry ID.
    3. ‘Completed application’ means all parts of the application have been given to Optivo. These are:
      1. one weeks advanced rent.
      2. a signed licence agreement.
      3. a verified right to rent check.
    4. ‘Licence agreement’ means the contract between Optivo and the resident for the 23/24 academic year.
    5. ‘Optivo’, ‘Us’ or ‘We’ means Optivo Students.


  1. Eligibility - To be eligible for the Early Bird discount, you must:
    1. Be a student.
    2. Not be referred by a referral agency or University Partner
    3. Have applied online through the Optivo Students booking portal.
    4. Have completed a right to rent check prior to moving in on 24 September 2023.


  1. The discount
    1. The discount is already incorporated in the weekly rates offered.
    2. The discount will be automatically reflected in the charges outlined in the licence agreement.
    3. The discount is offered on a first come first served basis.
    4. Alternate payment method requests cannot be facilitated.
    5. Optivo reserve the right to amend or end the offer at any time.


  1. Participating buildings
    1. Only applications to stay at the participating buildings outlined below will eligible:
      1. Goldsmiths House
      2. Helen Graham House
      3. Park House
      4. Wood Green Hall


  1. Overall terms and conditions‚Äč
    1. The offer expires on 31 March 2023 or when all rooms in the offer have been allocated - whichever is sooner.
    2. The offer is subject to availability. Optivo reserve the right to withdraw, modify or substitute the offer for another with different terms at any time during this promotion and without notice.
    3. The offer only applies to Academic Stays which are 40 weeks and longer.
    4. The offer will not apply to students who are taking over an existing tenancy, which has already begun.
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