Why rebooking your accommodation is the best way to master the student lifestyle


06 December 2022

‚ÄčIt’s that time of the year when you need to start thinking about where you will be living for 23/24. 

Here are some of the best reasons we can think of why you should rebook your accommodation with us for next year! 

  1. The cost-of-living crisis  

We don’t want our students to be affected by this and struggle during their studies, which is why our accommodation is some of the most affordable in London with bills included so the rise in energy prices won’t be an added stress to you. We are freezing our rent for a limited number of you who rebook with us but you have to be fast!  


  1. No deposit to pay 

Just pay a weeks’ rent to secure your room for September 2023 and you’re sorted. If you go elsewhere, you’ll most likely have to fork out hundreds to secure a new place to stay which seems like a lot of unnecessary hassle and cost. 


  1. Stay central 

In London all our buildings are in the city centre close to shops and activities which will ensure you enjoy every moment of the student lifestyle you deserve. 


  1. Relax! 

Our easy living accommodation has 24/7 security and a team available to support you. We want you to feel comfortable, safe and supported with us which is why our friendly staff are available whenever you need them.  


  1.  On-site maintenance  

Our on-site maintenance team means if you have any issues, we will be there in a flash to sort them for you! No waiting for days to have repairs or issues fixed like you would with a private landlord. 


  1. Close to your university 

We are close in London because we pride ourselves on our accommodation being an easy journey away from you getting to your lectures!  

Who wants a long travel time to go to class? Not us!  


  1. Stay with the friends you’ve already made.  

Making lifelong friends at your student accommodation is part of the experience! Stay together in the place where it all happened. 


  1.  Home away from home! 

Some of your favourite spots will be around your student accommodation where you will have your own ‘gems’ you’ve discovered during your time living with Optivo.  


  1. Stress free living!  

Book your new room and relax in the comfort you have a safe, secure student room arranged all the way to 2024 without having to trek around London looking for somewhere else. 


Log in to your account to rebook your accommodation with us! 

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